To: Current Ironsong Company Members
From: Ironsong Command Council

Re: Recruitment

The Command Council has determined that the ranks of our company need to be replenished. With that, comes the responsibility of hiring quality persons and ensuring that they mesh well with our current ranks. Any and all recruits must complete a written application and a verbal interview with Etherie, Perne, or myself. Any applicant who is unable to write may request my assistance in transcribing their answers. All applications that are currently under review can be located in a folder labeled "Applications Under Consideration," on the Captain's desk.

The Council intends to be extremely select with our process and asks for your patience if you recommend someone to the Company. We will not be admitting more than two new souls into the Company during any sennday. The only exception to this are those who come as a unit; they will be considered as "one."

If you have any questions, please address them to Headhunter Etherie Etoluna, Captain Perne Vortefaux, or myself.

Zelle of the Shroud
Captain's Secretary

((For more information, see the forum post: here))

Keep a close eye on these two threads, voice your concerns if you have any.  I will be polishing them and drafting a 'final copy' of both so that we can consider the possibility of opening up recruitment.

Now is the time to make your voice heard.

FC House!

Etherie posted Mar 22, 16

Thanks to Jaliqai Qulaan and the wonderful people of Gold & Glory, we now have a Free Company house!  While it is still very much under construction, feel free to come over and check it out!  Bring your friends by!  Go visit the neighbors!   We have from what I can tell two other RP FCs right near us.  And a fantastic moogle house.

Our address is The Goblet, Ward 4, Plot 16.  

Tristram Greythorne So what are the plans on introducing this ICly?
Shauna Howdy neighbors!
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