As of July 20th, Perne has stepped down as Company Captain due to real life obligations. Leonar has been promoted to free company leader both IC and OOC.  Officer ranks have also been adjusted.  The company missions and job system is in the process of a large overhaul.  Meetings and RP events are being shifted to different evenings.  Please keep an eye on the forums as this is where we will be posting the majority of the changes to the company.

Zakrin has agreed to step up to fill the role of the second-in-command of the company.  Due to real life obligations, Kay will be stepping down from the team effective immediately.  

Our August company meeting will be held on Saturday, August 6th, beginning at 7:30 PM CST.  The IC changes to the company structure will be officially announced at this meeting, along with an explanation of the new company contract system.  Any IC concerns will be addressed through RP; OOC concerns and questions may be posted in free company chat for responses.

For general knowledge, two weekly events have shifted days and times:

Storyline Event Night:  Now Wednesdays at 7:30pm CST

Monthly Company Meeting:  Still the 1st Saturday of every month, permanent time change to 7:30pm CST.

An OOC guide to what’s going to be different will be posted on the forums no later than the start of the monthly meeting on Saturday, August 6th.

If you have any questions regarding the changes, please speak to Leonar.

Code of Conduct Updated

Etherie posted Jun 23, 16


A quick reminder to you all that our once monthly meeting is a time for the group to come together to receive their orders, updates on company business, advance or start storylines, and meet new prospective members.  These meetings are regularly held on the first Saturday of the month, however dates may be subject to change based on holidays and availability of an officer to run the meeting.

That being said, an amendment has been made to the Code of Conduct.  All specialists who are online at the time of a meeting (which will be announced on the forums, and through the company message of the day ingame) are required to be present at the meeting.  

The full text of the amendment can be read here: Ironsong Company Code of Conduct

If you have any questions about this change please message an officer!

To: Current Ironsong Company Members
From: Ironsong Command Council

Re: Recruitment

The Command Council has determined that the ranks of our company need to be replenished. With that, comes the responsibility of hiring quality persons and ensuring that they mesh well with our current ranks. Any and all recruits must complete a written application and a verbal interview with Etherie, Perne, or myself. Any applicant who is unable to write may request my assistance in transcribing their answers. All applications that are currently under review can be located in a folder labeled "Applications Under Consideration," on the Captain's desk.

The Council intends to be extremely select with our process and asks for your patience if you recommend someone to the Company. We will not be admitting more than two new souls into the Company during any sennday. The only exception to this are those who come as a unit; they will be considered as "one."

If you have any questions, please address them to Headhunter Etherie Etoluna, Captain Perne Vortefaux, or myself.

Zelle of the Shroud
Captain's Secretary

((For more information, see the forum post: here))

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