If you're an old friend who got booted, just re-apply!  It was likely done by mistake.

If you're a new friend who wants to pop in to say hi, just hit the application button.

Either way, the point of the site is for friends to have a drama-free place to hang out, have fun, and chatter, regardless of what game they play, or even if they are currently playing a game.  Pull up a chair, don't mind the FancyOwl or the DragonBorg...Oh! And there's a Rosebug petting fuzzy things, in the corner, and plotting to take over the world.

As the guild in FFXIV has kind of turned into an alt guild (and, the fact that we have not had time to play) ... This website is about to take a different turn.  Ironsong will become a place for friends to hang out, chat, share their RP stories (in whatever game they happen to be playing, or universe they happen to be RPing in), etc.

I haven't found much extra time, but when I do, expect to see the changes happen.