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Welcome to The Iron Song

Zarrae a posted Feb 17, 14
Welcome friends, family, and fellow role players!

We are a small community of storytellers who enjoy the lore of the games we play, not just the mechanics.  You are more than welcomed to join us; whether you prefer to weave stories or simply enjoy reading what others write, we will be happy to have you.

If there is an additional forum or game needed, simply send a message to Zarrae and I will work on it for you.  As of right now, we have forums set up for TERA and The Elder Scrolls Online.

Sing long, sing strong, sing Iron Song!
Zarrae Tebaun
Dearest Tribemates, 

As many of you know, our campgrounds are being disassembled and the Tribe is being moved into the safety Velika's walls.  Due to this, we will hold our Moot in the courtyard of our new headquarters.  Additionally, due to scheduling conflicts and requests, our Moots have been rescheduled to a new time.  We will still meet on Sundays, but the time has been moved drastically forward, to five hours past midday.  If that is a difficult time for you, please let me know.  We must find a balance as we reforge ourselves to sing anew.

We are a tribe.  We are a family.  We have been forged together by the fires of our circumstances.  We sing as one.  Sing true, Ironsong.

High Lady Zarrae Anoron


What: in character guild meeting (we call these "Moots")
When: Sunday, 9/30/12
Time: 6pm eastern, 5pm central, 3pm pacific
Where: The New Ironsong HQ - Velika
Who can come: Anyone who is a tribemate or a friend of the tribe may come and bring friends.

Since many of you can only check the forums once per week, or have not been able to RP with us for the past few weeks, there have been some major changes!

First, before anyone panics... Edonil's player is fine! ...and is still playing TERA with us; he simply rerolled Edonil into Tayara.Saruesha and wrote a story that ended in Edonil's death.  This was done to stimulate RP for the player as well as for the tribe.  Zarrae is now the leader of the tribe (even though I always lead in name, due to taking care of promotions, etc)

Second, due to the remote location that was chosen for the camp (which wasn't a problem, when we chose it!), we are moving into Velika for guild exposure and to spread the RP love.  This gives every guildmate an IC excuse to be in Velika and allows us to publicize our Moots a little more.

Third, the time chage... oiye... Scheduling conflicts abound!  EME moved the Nexus schedule (which most level 60s try to participate in) around again and, due to work, Tayara's player and I cannot stay up any later than we already have been.  We are hoping that an earlier time will allow more people to participate AND still allow the level 60s to hit Nexus.

Aaaand, finally... I just wanted to say how pleased I am to welcome some of our new members!  We live and die, sing and cry by our guildmates.  Welcome!  Sing Long! Sing True! Ironsong!
Zarrae a The times have changed to 5pm Central, 6pm Eastern, and 3pm Pacific.

Tower Base Moot 9/23/12

Zarrae a posted Sep 20, 12
Dearest Tribemates,

This week's Moot will be held on the Island of Dawn.  We will meet at the Tower Base and move to its outskirts, together. Bring something that costs little but means much, to tell about -- and then give away.

With the utmost regard,
Zarrae Anoron

What: Open-RP Guild Meeting
Where: Tower Base outskirts
When: Sunday, 9/23/12, 8:30pm Eastern, 7:30pm Central, 5:30pm Pacific

Ironsong Moot - 9/16/12

Zarrae a posted Sep 15, 12
Dearest Tribemates,

This week's Moot will be held in Lumbertown, which is located in Arcadia (unless a more suitable location can be suggested). We will meet at the center fountain at seven and a half hours past midday and begin our meeting there. Bring a smile and be prepared to tell a tale.

With the utmost regard,
Zarrae Gilen'Anoron

What: Open-RP Guild Meeting
Where: Arcadia, Lumbertown
When: Sunday, 9/16/12, 8:30pm Eastern, 7:30pm Central, 5:30pm Pacific

Chebika Carnival

Zarrae a posted Sep 9, 12
Dearest Tribemates,

It has been brought to my attention that there will be a Carnival arriving in Chebika on the 22nd day of this month, five hours past noon, Velika-time (( 6 eastern, 5 central, 3 pacific )).  This would be a great time of camaraderie for the tribe, and for the community.


An RP event is being arranged on 9/22 in Chebika.  I think we should make a concerted effort to show support to other RPer's events, since many of them have shown support to the Tribe, in the past.

The official thread is here.
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